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EndoSonic Blue

Prebended Titanium ultrasonic horn

– Improve ultrasonic transmission efficiency
– Controls the temperature rise of the bending point accessible to touch the patient’s lips.

30 kHz ultrasonic waves
– Generates powerful ultrasonic energy different from conventional 40 kHz products.
– Proven frequency in the dental field.

3 levels output control
– Three levels of output control are possible with one button.
– Adjust the output according to the length, enlargement and the presence of inflammation.

Safety features
– When operating in air, the temperature of the file rises rapidly, making it more likely fracture, and at this time, the built-in sensor controls the output.
– After 15 seconds it will stop operating automatically.



    The “symmetric R-phase transformation” occurs when the R-phase intervenes between austenite and martensite on both heating and cooling. It shows excellent functional fatigue resistance and fast response to temperature changes.With ultrasonic vibration, the temperature of the NaOCl in the root canal increases. So we made the R-phase present in actual clinical conditions.

    It is necessary to have a device that can amplify the effects of NaOCl for a minimally invasive root canal treatment. ENDOSONIC BLUE raises the NaOCl temperature in the apical third by more than 50°C.









    Apical Drainage

    When the ultrasonic file starts to move in the apical third, A negative pressure generated in the apex according to the Bernoulli principle. Negative pressure begins to drain inflammatory exudates from the periapical tissue into the root canal. Applying CleaniCal after sufficient drainage can provide safe and fast results.

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