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ENDOCEM Premix MTA, 2g Syringe

ENDOCEM Premix MTA: 2g Syringe 1EA, 20gauge Tip 10EA/1package , 22gauge Tip 10EA/1package
  •  The first Premix MTA for popularization.
  • Rapid sol-gel changes for compaction.
  • Excellent physical properties and biocompatibility comparable to that of powder type MTA

1. Hemostatic action by phyllosilicate ingredient. ** Easy to use without bleeding control.
2. High compressive strength and stable dimensional change.
3. Pure synthetic C3S based, Aesthetic by Zirconium Oxide.
4. Easy application to narrow and deep areas.
5. Outstanding biocompatibility

No discoloration and excellent radiopacity

ENDOCEM REGULAR includes zirconium oxide as radiopaque material. It thus characterized by “No discoloration and excellent radiopacity.”

Superior physical property & Outstanding hemostatic action

ENDOCEM REGULAR based on pure tricalcium silicate has better physical properties than conventional powder type MTAs.
ENDOCEM REGULAR consists of tricalcium silicate, dodecacalcium heptaaluminate and Dimethyl sulfoxide

Excellent biocompatibility

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